Apple Vs Android – Which is which?

apple vs androidThe mobile OS warfare has been a two player competition, using Apple iOS and Google Android both vying for very best honors. Other competitions exist, such as Windows Mobile and BlackBerry OS, nevertheless their combined market share is minuscule in comparison to that of the top two. While both Apple and Android deliver their cell technology which keeps us connected on their go, they do go about it otherwise. Knowing these differences will give you a clearer idea of which platform provides what you want.

First, a little history lesson is in order to comprehend the way Apple and Android stack up against each other. Since its introduction, the iPhone has dominated the U.S. Market with regards to both sales and market share. Recently though, Android mobiles have given the business juggernaut a run for its money. In accordance with global market research company Nielsen, Android finally edged out Apple in early 2012, nabbing roughly 48 percent market share. While Android is the main smartphone OS, Apple remains their top smartphone maker, using the iPhone in each of its presently available models handily outselling mobiles that are similar.

This shift in the cell OS space shows Android staying power, and while Apple will probably maintain and expands its faithful following, Android will continue to increase in popularity too. A smartphone center applications might have a major impact on the way you use the device, as it assesses the phone overall operation. With their iPhone, what you see is what you get: their UI is the same on each one of the available models. And on the other hand, Android was designed to be modified by the maker releasing the device. These adjustments can differ greatly and frequently completely change the feel and look of a Google Android phone.

Apple IOS is famous for its clean, sleek interface, but if you are not married to the iPhone interface, you might find something more to your preference among their vast array of available Android smartphones. Variety vs. Exclusivity – With Android, variety is the name of the game. There are more than 70 Android mobiles on all four major U.S. Carriers, ensuring there an option that suits your way of life and meets your mobile needs. The iPhone is their only iOS smartphone made by Apple, but you will already find more base models presently available aside from their famous 3G, their 4 and their 4S in the past. There are very different storage configurations, but you’re Limited to only the iPhone if you desire a phone running iOS.

Is there an App for that? A lot has been said about what platform offers the biggest and best choice of apps. The two platforms every one have hundreds of thousands to select from, but their actual numbers don’t make a difference.