Air Conditioner MaintenanceEven though the air conditioners are made strong enough to withstand snows, heat, winds, rains or biting cold, it takes regular maintenance from an aircon servicing like all things good or bad. The filters, both the coils, fins, hoses etc. should be held at a fine condition to aid the whole unit run smooth and easy all throughout the entire year for as long as you own it.

Notably the coil of the condenser needs better care since its vulnerable outside in the open, unlike the coil in the evaporator. The vulnerable condenser coil becomes filthy much too frequently due to the dust and pollution or because of trees above it. Anything coming in touch with the coil can get an insulating material of sorts dust particles, grease, dirt, soot, dry leaves, seeds, rust, bugs and also microorganisms like bacteria can be an impediment to the much needed heat move from the refrigerant to the surface air. Negative heating should be given out from the home.

The amount of refrigerant used in an air conditioning unit determines if the makers would find the maximum SEER degree of efficacy or not, the less it makes it better. The units have been made in perfect balance, and so the slightest deterrent to heat transfer usually conks out the balance and deteriorates the performance of the system. If dirt or dust accumulates on the coils, then the perfect quantity of heat doesn’t venture out, hence increasing the warmth and pressure of the refrigerant going to the blower to abnormal degrees. Consequently, the compressor pressures itself to work longer on the heating system of their strange refrigerant, thereby drawing more amperes of power. As a consequence of this fiasco, the cooling capacity of the air conditioner obviously dwindles and also the mechanical parts wear out. So a cluttered coil only boils down into three things: insufficient heating system, fagged out machine parts and a higher cost for the functioning.Continue reading