Furniture for your GardenWhether you have a large or small garden, choosing the right furniture is the key to an attractive view from your windows. Whether you prefer something elaborate or just a simple wooden bench, getting the choice right is the best way to enjoy your outdoor space.

Buying beautiful garden furniture gives homeowners the chance to reflect their own personality and achieve a creative look. You can design a space that is a simple yet chic haven of relaxation, or a dramatic outdoor environment with plenty of wow factor – it’s entirely up to you.

Your decking, patio or garden should be seen as a way of bringing your home into the open air, so flow is key to achieving the right feel and look. The Royal Horticultural Society believes that your garden should be viewed as an outdoor room, and there are several things you need to bear in mind when picking up the right items for your space.

1. Purpose and Function

Thinking about how you are going to use your outdoor space is a key consideration when choosing garden furniture. Will you be entertaining regularly on outdoors? Dining alfresco? Or do you simply want a pleasant space in which you can relax and unwind on warm days?

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The majority of homeowners are looking for an outdoor area which gives a good balance between relaxation and entertaining. A comfy spot where you can settle down in a chair when the sun shines is often best when combined with an area where you can entertain friends. Knowing what you want from your space is essential when choosing furniture, for example, if you’re going to primarily be using a patio for casual entertaining you may want to focus on seating and dispense with a dining table.Continue reading